Back to School - Color Me Mine

Back to School

The back to school season is upon us! Backpack, check! BTS shopping, check! Look into after school art classes, check! Add to that BTS spirit with the following tips. 

#1 – Get the morning routine down. Get out the door faster by selecting outfits the night before, setting an alarm, and making sure your backpack has all the day’s binders, homework, etc.  

#2 – Plan meals. Create a grocery list at the duration of each week to help you simplify making and packing the upcoming school week’s snacks and lunches.  

#3 – Sign up for after school art education. Art classes can encourage focus, concentration, and creativity. Check with your local studio here to see if there are after school art programs or events. 

#4 – Celebrate the first week of school! You did it! The kids did it! Visit your local Color Me Mine to create a masterpiece, such as these, and experience the art of having FUN!