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Paint Your Summer



As the warm sunshine blankets the world and the summer breeze fills the air, it’s the perfect time to let your creativity soar and create lasting memories. At Color Me Mine studio, we believe that summertime is an ideal season to beat the heat and pop into a cool studio to immerse yourself in the world of imagination. From fresh and vibrant summer-themed pottery projects to celebrating patriotism with special creations for Independence Day and Canada Day, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, gather your loved ones and get ready for a summer filled with color, fun, and togetherness.




Fresh Summer-Themed Pottery

Step into our studio this summer and you’ll be greeted by an array of fresh and exciting pottery projects, specifically designed to capture the essence of the season. From whimsical ice cream bowls and beach-themed plates to cheerful fruit themed vases and magical banks, our collection reflects the vibrant energy of summertime. With every brushstroke, you can bring your own unique touch to these summer-inspired pieces, turning them into personalized works of art that will brighten up any space.





Patriotic Pottery for Independence Day and Canada Day

As summer reaches its peak, we also celebrate the patriotic spirit of both America’s Independence Day and Canada Day. Show your national pride by painting one-of-a-kind pottery pieces adorned with stars, stripes, and patriotic symbols. Whether it’s a flag-themed plate, a red, white, and blue mug, or a maple leaf bowl, these special creations allow you to express your love for your country while engaging in a creative and enjoyable activity.






A Time for Family Bonding

Summer is a magical time when families come together to create cherished memories. Color Me Mine studio provides the perfect backdrop for quality family time, where generations can connect, bond, and unleash their artistic talents. From grandparents sharing stories with grandchildren to parents and kids painting side by side, our studio fosters an environment of laughter, conversation, and shared experiences. Creating pottery together not only ignites the imagination but also strengthens the familial bond, making summertime at Color Me Mine a truly memorable experience.




 This summer, let the colors of your creativity shine bright at Color Me Mine studio. Explore our fresh and vibrant summer-themed pottery projects, and unleash your artistic spirit on Independence Day and Canada Day with our patriotic pottery options. Most importantly, take this opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, strengthening the family bond as you engage in a fun and fulfilling activity. Join us this season and let the magic of pottery painting make your summer a truly extraordinary one.